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So then I was talking about some certain things a man may be feeling inside that may never tell you.

We’re unto the sixth point so let’s go…

6. A man would never want to show a sign of weakness, and for some guys, that includes signs of jealousy.

Just because he doesn’t publicly show you that he’s uncomfortable with all those other men trying to hit on you doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother him. You might think he doesn’t care that you’re always with your guy-friends or that other men are getting you gifts and he can’t afford to, but in reality, he could just be keeping the peace or afraid to bring the subject up.
Some men feel if they show they are jealous, they will be revealing their insecurity to a woman. (What goes on in a man’s brain is difficult for me to understand as a typical woman that I am.)
Whereas, some men can be overly jealous and possessive, there are others who won’t express how they feel at all. Know who and how your man is and let it be a lone-case.

In other words, do not compare him with other men because the chances are, he’s jealous, even if it’s just a teeny-weeny bit!

7. Men love compliments too
I used to think women were the only ones with this deficiency.

We’re not the only ones who love being called gorgeous, fabulous and all that. A man also feels good when you throw a compliment at him whether it’s about how nice he looks or how good of a man he is.

Do not just compliment his shirt or suit or shoe; tell him “it looks good on him.” That way, he will feel on top if the world. Make sure that you remind your man that he’s attractive whenever you get the chance. And if need be, make him feel like he’s the only man in the world.

I’ve always found it intriguing how differently a man reacts to things. This means that He might brush off the compliment or seemingly ignore it, but trust me; he’s more than happy to hear it. Don’t ever use a man’s reactions to gage if he appreciates your compliments or not because he absolutely does but just does not have the same energy a woman has to show that she loves and appreciates compliments. The whole idea about doing this is that a man also needs his confidence boosted so don’t joke with that.

8. I gave my best
Sometimes it’s natural for a woman to think like,”wow it’s my birthday and all you are giving me is a book?

A toothbrush or whatever it is you’ve once received and were disappointed first hand instead of appreciating the gift and the effort it took to get you the present.
Ladies tell me if am wrong. Your man gives you a card or perhaps socks for Christmas, if your brain functions the same way with mine, you will assume that he didn’t even try to get you something special. I know.

However, most men just don’t know what will make you happy.

Honestly guys, you have to be patient with women because sometimes, she doesn’t even know exactly what it is that she wants but she expects you to figure it all out since you are a magician. Lol..

That’s why she’s a woman and you’re a man. We are weird sometimes.

Dear sister, lemme tell you something, did you know it might have taken him weeks to come up with the idea of getting just socks, so don’t assume that he doesn’t care about you or that you aren’t special. A man doesn’t have the brain of a woman and what that means is, he would not be so detailed like you would. He’s trying his best so please give him some credit and save the advice for next time.

9. I am afraid I don’t have anything figured out.
Men can be more immature than women, which means they often take longer to figure out what they want and where they want to go in life.

That’s why some men think a woman might be rushing things. That might not be the case, a woman just does a better job at planning and figuring out weigh ahead of time whereas, a man would take one step at a time.

It is interesting to know that as macho as men can be, they have the same worries as we do, and whilst they often won’t talk about it, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same!
It’s not unusual for a man in his 30s or evens his 40s to still not know where he’s headed even though he might be working and earning good money. As a woman, make hi m feel safe around you and assure him everything will be ok.

I hope this was a nice read. I would be glad if you could share with us from your bank of wisdom on What_Women_Should_Know_About_Men

… Still more to come… Please Take Note! 

In our nature of always balancing the equation, we will also be publishing the “Female Version” of this article.
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When_it_Comes_to. Marriage_You_DON’T_MANAGE!

I may not boost of knowing a thing about how relationship works neither what it takes to enjoy marriage but there are a few things I know if neglected, will make you live in hell regardless of how good your spouse may be.

Worse of all is how frustrated you will become in a marriage.

First of all… I think that people need to enter into marriage with their eyes open. I mean, if there’s something that makes a person uncomfortable, then he or she needs to understand that and address it before the vows are spoken, and not plan on changing that person once the wedding is over.
Am I making any sense”?

… Eg: I don’t think it’s unrealistic expectations if as a guy or lady you are ONLY attracted to a certain type of people. For instance, you like a lady who is always collected and beautiful, smells nicely all the time or one who is inclined to living a healthy life.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for that kinda woman to cross your path.
And hey! You don’t have to be sorry for wanting that for yoursel neither explain to the world why.

If you want a man who puts God as priority even before his own life and respect the place of mentorship, do not stick with one who trivialises the place of intimacy with God and controls his own life and decision.

Do not ever MANAGE anybody. Don’t be with people either because you think your
biological clock is ticking. Bullshit!!
Who cares if your end up marrying at 30, 35 or even 40? Don’t let the world tell you what to do baby.

When it comes to these kinda matters, you MUST do it the “YOU WAY”
Also: do not stick with a person because you are afraid of hurting them or the fobia of starting something new with another person.
It is better to be single than manage anything.
You know why? Because once your dysfunctional, you are dragging your innocent spouse into an emotional constipation they have no business dealing with.

I’m sorry but I refuse buying into the ideas of people who think I’m non-viable if I’m attracted to a guy a certain way, I’m not being unrealistic… That’s what I want and I will insist till I get it so long as it doesn’t dishonor God. (please forgive me if I’m wrong)

However, I feel the need to also say that some things certain people want or expect from human beings are not real. However, there are certain things that I consider as:
*Good to have in a man or woman
*There are must haves and there are
*things you can live without.
… Your job is to find out what are the “Must Haves” for you and be willing to wait no matter how long until it comes.

If you want a man that is tall and handsome, all trim and nice, go for it, don’t let people tell you it’s unrealistic expectations.
… If you don’t like fat girls, don’t deceive yourself that you can manage a fat lady as long as she’s a virtuous woman.
You know why? You will wake up every single morning to that fat woman lying next to you and instead of loving her, you will feel like killing yourself.

Our theme at this point is: DO NOT Manage.!
Lastly, whoever you choose is the same as the experiences you are choosing for your life.
You might want to choose with your eyes wide open…
Ps: I would love for you to drop your own convictions about this topic in the comment box blow this post. I would love to learn from you also and who knows how many people might get blessed reading your own throughts.

My prayer for you is in Psalm 20:4
NIV:May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Until I come your way next time, stay_Safe and keep visiting RRY`Blog…?

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It is often said “those who are in, are wishing to come out while those outside are rushing to go in” (if you know, you know) ”

I’ve always wondered why people get so excited the moment you tell them you are getting married. ( some of my friends thought I was a saddsit for not getting super excited but nope)

What even confuses me is a statement like “oh I’m so happy for you”… (really? Why though?
I think it’s more cliché because those who make these statements don’t even know why they do. (forgive me if I’m wrong)

I heard that “certain” Ladies go as far as rubbing their engaged status in the face of other older ladies… Sister! Are u serious?
May God forgive your ignorance.

Meanwhile, another report has reached us that some girls get envious of some ladies SIMPLY because they are engaged… Are you for real? You need to change your mind girl.

Marriage is GOOD but don’t rush, you will be married your entire life.

Yet, I don’t know exactly why people get so excited as though it was some sorta gold medal or I just got my name written into the”Guinness book.”

Don’t get me wrong people of God– because I can see someone frowning at me already.
I’m in no way saying “marriage” doesn’t deserve an accolade, what I’m saying is, young people often get it wrong and hype it more than what they think it is. ( some people belive it’s a do or Die)

More than being happy for me for being married;
I sincerely look forward to when people will REALLY BE HAPPY for me because ” I touched many lives…
Because I made an impact, because I let others draw from my energy, or that I became an inspiration to other women and the younger generation at large.

I got into a conversation with a “married” woman I met in markurdi and she said something that made me laugh so hard but also made me to think deeply about my decision as a single lady.

she said and I quote, “anytime I see a pre-wedding picture, I feel like screaming and telling them— STOP!

This lady hated everything about marriage simply because she was regreting hers.

… It is no lie that Some married people are wishing they could be singles again.
(I know people who would pay any amount to get back their single status) whilst some single folks CANNOT wait to be married.
You see this life? #Laughs

I’m not quite sure while some of us are rushing to get married but one thing I know is a killer in any relationship is lack of contentment.
Out of the MANY reasons that drive people into having thoughts of quiting marriage is the absence of contentment.

What then is contentment?
“Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind.”

Sweetie lemme inform you that being content is a heart thing therefore, you need to deal with your heart above everything else before thinking relationship or marriage.

I feel the need to say “Contentment is not dependent on the things that happened or did not happen to you.”

Did you know being in a sweet relationship is hard work? So much hard work only the strong make it work.

I’m sure marriage is harder work, a good happy (home) marriage is not a gift.
It is a reward.
This means, you must work at it to enjoy any good thing you desire to see or you’ve ever admired from others.

Trust me, the grass is never greener next door, it takes some watering, tending and trimming to make it so.
Any grass can be green regardless of it’s location.

For those of us singles or already married, I encourage you this morning to invest into your relationship so that this thing can work and I assure you, you will live heaven on earth.

It is not enough to wish and fantasise about having a good man or woman, there are certain principles you must be willing to engage to keep them happy and fulfilled.
May you find and apply them and may your home be heaven on earth.
…. RRY…

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As a kid, I wasn’t one to talk about anything I had seen or heard but one sure thing was the fact that, l learnt better and faster from seeing things than anything I was ever told.

I can still remember every scene, every picture of all the things I saw my parents did or those I visited but I cannot remember all that I’ve been told.

I still remember like it was yesterday one ugly experience I witnessed on a short visit to an aunt… it was a cold night cos it had rained before we slept.
…Cold enough to make you wrap yourself in a blanky and kill anyone who tried to wake you up.

I cant boost of remembering every juicy detail from the time we were forced to have our bath and go to bed but one memory I still can’t erase from my head was the sudden scream that came from the room next door…

Not inclined to what was going on, amidst the cold breeze we were enjoying, hearing that sound was disconcerting..

What is going on?
My aunt was being pounded by her “beloved husband” as though she was some sorta yam.
I can still remember the look on her face that was mirroring down a torment within while the four of us as well as the lady who took care of my aunt’s children stood at our front door looking at him pull out her hair like we watch from soup operas.

Wait a minute! Was a Nigerian movie being shot right inside our house or was I dreaming like I do every night?

It could be a dream I thought to myself, since I was accused of being a deep sleeper and birthing a dream from each episode. This is real? Jeeezzz!

Oh Lord have mercy.
You should see the shivers nearly rattling my teeth out as I type this.

That experience did something nasty to my mind as a child for a long time. I had to consciously erase it as I grew up because it was already making me paranoid towards the male folk.

Some two and something decades down the line, it was no surprise how my aunt’ son turned out, just like his dad. “A WOMAN beater” accompanied with some other stuff.
His mind was being fed the wrong way I guess.

Dear parents: both present and future ones. I’m talking to you so listen carefully.
Marriage is not by force neither is having children. If you aren’t READY, don’t try it.


Parenting through the eyes of a child is doing what you say and not saying what you never do.

No matter what you say and how many times you say it, children end up learning more from what they watch you do.

I’m in the middle of correcting all the negative things I picked from the wrong techniques my parents used.

Why am I doing this? (I’m glad you asked)
Just so my children do not have to go thr

ought the same  mistakes and nasty experience I had to suffer.

You see! I didn’t have the luxury of choosing my parents but you have no idea how glad I am to know I have the luxury of making a difference by being a better parent to the next generation.

That’s why if God allows me to have children someday, I am committed to doing any and everything necessary for their sanity as well as their wellbeing.

Watch what you say but most importantly, watch what you do.
These Lil guys see everything and sometimes that’s all they will use to form their perceptives and attitude.
You don’t wanna mess that up.
Stay safe.


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