A woman’s mind is a deep well with many secrets. Those who know these secrets can accomplish more in their relationship and access a greater depth and connection than they ever thought possible.

If you want access to the secrets in a woman’s heart, this book is a good start and lcukily for you it’s free…….for now*winks

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What She Secretly Desires But May Not Say.

Take it from me, a woman’s number one need is not SEX. To hell with this shit! (welcome to a woman’s world?)

Ever felt so frustrated with your woman?

So much that you are on the verge of giving up on that “Once upon a time” hot romance you both had going?

Well, it’s called being human so don’t worry about it…we’re in this together alright? And I’m here to proper a solution so come closer and listen up, closerrr…yes baby – that’s OK!

Listen to what she’s about to reveal to you:
Hey dude..

Affection it is period!

A woman was created to be loved-period!

That includes love, compassion, care, maximum care, attention… (Our needs are many, forgive us). I can sense that a brother just misunderstood my point so “lemme” clear things up quickly…I said affection… NOT sex (I don’t know why your ear heard a different thing).
With that out of the way, let’s continue. Affection doesn’t have to be sex. It’s OK to just buy her flowers, or whatever she likes on some regular days.

Don’t wait till it’s Christmas, your anniversary or the obvious one which is “her birthday” before you surprise her.

Haba! You are more than that brother.

I know you are way-smarter!
Some of you don’t even know what your woman likes (shame on you!).

* Make Her Feel Needed
Another way of showing your woman affection is to make her feel she’s needed. You have to constantly validate to your woman the things you love about her, make her feel beautiful without questioning her position in your heart.
Just kiss her passionately, touch her, hug her, play around and leave her alone. (Learn to be touchy-feely without sex).
Be generous with your compliments… (Words are free; I don’t know why some brothers have to be stingy even with free stuff).
Oh Lward have mercy! Repent!


Dear gentleman,
Every woman wants to be noticed by her man!
A 65year old woman was counseling me one time and her revelation sent some chills down my spine.
She said, “Since after our marriage 40 years ago, my husband never gave a complement.”
With a grin on her face she said, “I make my hair for myself; my husband doesn’t notice I’ve got a new one on.”
I felt pity for her. Even at that age, you could still see that a simple “You look so lovely mummy” made her excited.

* Compliment Her

A woman cannot resist a simple ‘your new hairstyle looks gorgeous’

Make sure you remind your woman that she’s attractive whenever you get the chance and if need be, make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.
New hairstyle? New clothes? New dress size? New bra?

Use your words to your advantage guys

Say something to acknowledge her effort…she after all (partially) did it for you!

What a woman wants to hear is that you notice her specifically.

Hear how “Stefanie Safran, matchmaker and founder of Stef in The City. Puts it nicely “If she has been spending more time putting on makeup and clothes, at the gym, or getting a new hair cut/color, compliment her on that.

Noticing and giving this kind of compliment can show that you are paying attention, which is what every woman wants.” And for more great relationship advice, check out the male version of this article What Every Woman Must Know About Men! 

(Still to come) 

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Operation saveTheMaleFolk

Well… With that out of the way, I feel the urge to inform you guys that Something has been baking in the oven and I can’t wait until I’m able to share with you guys.

GUESS WHAT? I’ve been working on an Ebook with the TITLE: “10 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN!”
… I mean ain’t that about the coolest Ebook Title you’ve heard this year? LOL)

The Ebook

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WHAT TO DO WHEN HE’S PULLING AWAY:Tips On How To Avoid Being Disappointed!!

In my little life, I’ve seen alot of women go through needless hurt  and truly, it breaks my heart. I mean how do you look at the thing you love so much and tell yourself it’s time to Walk Away…? 

Well, sometimes you need to stop putting in so much effort when all he does is pull a step back each time you do.

Perhaps, you could intoduce what we call the paradoxical Intervention… Please don’t ask me what that is because I’m not about to explain (maybe another day… *InsertSmile

I will tell you that pulling away is very common for a man, even in the best of relationships.

However, what matters here is not that the man is pulling away…

What I’m more interested about is how You  HANDLE the situation when he does.

How do you usually respond when a man pulls away? Do you get upset and react out of fear to the problem he’s creating?


YOU calm down like the lady you are and try to bring up a solution?

Women are experts at sensing that a relationship is about to hit the rock… But more so, they are experts at introducing what I call The-Fix-It-Mode…

Not everything needs to be fixed… Sometimes all you should do is do nothing.

(she wants to do any and EVERYTHING she can to fix the problem) not so fast baby. ..

Before you start fighting tool and nail to salvage the “situationship or relationship”, or whatever the case maybe for you, you might need to see a few things I’ve written that will help you “avoid being disappointed TIME and TIME AGAIN. 

First Thing’ First…

* Be convinced a man is worth your TIME AND the risk before you invest your whole life into him.  Ensure you are not putting in too much than he’s willing to reciprocate.

Where You Are Not Needed, LEAVE!

* If he was sincere enough to open up and say “He’s Not Ready: Find out the best way to communicate your needs without SCARING him off or putting pressure on him.


* Do not be deceived that sleeping with a man will get him to commit.

A man can have sex with a lady he doesn’t love that’s why sex is not the solution. 

… If the pureness of your heart couldn’t, certainly your legs, your beautiful “firm” breast, not even your butt (or whatever you think is right on your body) would get the job done. So my dear, close those legs. (better a broken heart than a broken leg.

* Don’t over do. Just keep things Warm.
It’s important to strike a balance between showing you’re into him and showing you’re not too needy.

Where-ever, Whenever Be The Boss…

If he texts you after a couple of days, don’t leave it too long to respond or he’ll assume you’re not bothered.

Engage in a few texts back and forth, throw in a little drama but don’t get sidetracked into endless conversation… or it will get stale and you’ll lose any mystery. (as a woman, you should be an expert in adding mystery to spice things up)

You want to leave him a reason to get in touch again or to schedule another date to talk in person. So don’t waste all your good conversation on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Also, while you shouldn’t be afraid to text him first, don’t do it every time or it will put you in the position of always being the one chasing. Let him be the one to make first contact sometimes – it will let you know if he’s actually into you or not.
Don’t Jump too quickly.

* And lastly, make sure your actions are not doing the opposite of what you desire (putting-him-off instead of pushing him closer to your heart where he should be.

I sincerely pray for you that God gives you the love you desire and most importantly, the wisdom required to keep it.

I hope you found this article helpful.

I appreciate when you read and drop a comment.

Also, share with family and friends that need to read this.

Many thanks.. .

I remain your favorite girl RRY… I WILL come again soon. I wish you the best in life and love.

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…When I was younger than Iam now, you wouldn’t be far from right if you thought I was eccentric- in other words, I was unusual and startling.

We would sit down and sample guys.
Admire some, laugh at some, and others we criticise base on whatever standard they were being judged from.
Oh when I was a child, I did think like a child but now that I’m grown, I’ve sure put away childish things

(See 1Corinthians 13:11-NLT

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.”)

My preference were handsome guys.
Any guy who wasn’t cute regardless of any other “Right Thing” he had going on wasn’t enough to tickle my fancy.

On one occasion, my cousin told me of her new found boyfriend whom her discription of him suggested he was every girls dream. I couldn’t wait to draw my conclusion of him.
She said he was so cute, tall, masculine with the right bicep and tricep. To ice the cake, she said he had money too.

This “lucky or unlucky brother” as the case maybe pulled over at my cousin’s house 30minutes after we had finished dissecting him. (It’s a normal thing, guys do it too so don’t frown at me.

Oh my goodness. This girl didn’t do justice to describing this guy, how could she have left out his extremely cute lips?(my mind wondered… what about his pretty smile?
Someone please take me away…

The excellent glow that emaneted from him was far from superficial, shining from within him like the brilliance from precious stones. Shan-takayaa( making a girl speak in tongues on a hot afternoon…
He’s entire being, so unbelievable only suitable for imaginations consumption yet so real.

I told my cousin it wasn’t a good idea to tag me along since it was their first date but she insisted, and so me and a friend of hers accompanied.

We arrived at the exquisite venue some minutes after and everything was going perfectly until… My cousin couldn’t keep her throat from sticking out which was quite a habit of hers.

I felt like digging a hole right from where I sat so I could cover the shame hauling on my face the moment my cousin began to ask “Mr Perfect” for money. Wah???

She first started by saying and I quoteI’m really tired of my hair, I just want to change... The guy out of his niceness asked how much it would cost…
20k she replied…

He was mute for some seconds and my heart began to pound profusely.
Infact I went ballistic… As a way of trying to control the fury massing inside me, I bent over the plate of rice in front of me.

RRY, whats going on in his mind you may be asking, I am clueless too baby so then let’s find out.
One thing I was sure of was the fact that, the 20k announcement created a storm cloud on his face.

I thought she would have used her number six to notice he was a bit put-off by her request and would stop. But nay.
My darling cousin continued…

Mr Perfect” however, excused us after sipping his Chapman and went outside, picking his car keys along.
This guy won’t come back I thought in my heart. If I was ever certain of anything in my life, this was it.

And then sudeldenly…
He returned and handed her the money.
Lunch was done and we were about leaving and then my cousin again
“please can I buy ice cream? Mr Perfect-oh sure. He replied.
She matched to the freezer, instead of pretending to be moderate by picking one, she took two of the biggest bowl’.
… one is enough now I was trying to convince)
(take away for the rest of the family at home she said.)

Before we arrived at the house, we pulled over two times looking for pop-up (credit/recharge card)
He was forced to buy not just for her, but also for me and her friend also.

I won’t bore you with this long story so I’ll stop here…
But guess what? “Mr Perfect” NEVER came back neither cared to return any of her missed calls or messages.
Why did I take my time to draw this out?

Here’s why…
My precious LADIES. There are certain things you should NEVER do especially when a relationship is at its starting stage.
...A man at this point is not sure of MANY THINGs so he takes his time to examine what kinda lady he will be yoking himself with.
After that, he will determine if you’re a risk worth taking or not.
Many men have fears. Forget about being macho. One of their greatest fears is ending up with the wrong woman and you dont want to project yourself as the wrong one.

Therefore, be vigilant. Do not destroy the prospects of something that could turn out to be beautiful someday…

Some Ladies with their own hands ruin the fragile thread upon which their relationship stand.
Don’t be that lady.
A wise lady builds…
She doesn’t destroy.
Recieve grace to build wisely.

I really just want to see that the tiniest things we do does not ruin the future of something beautiful which is why I’ve written some tips on Things You Should Never Ask or do especially in an early stage of a relationship.
I will be publishing it on the blog tomorrow so don’t miss out. Make sure you check out it.

I will keep coming your way because I remain your favorite girl #RRY.
Many thanks for being a part of this blog.

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