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Married people will admit, that it is possible for a husband & wife to camouflage under the covering of their children when the romance and affection in their marriage is slowly dying. After all, your kids are there to give the warmest cuddles, that you might not be getting from your wife or husband.
In some worse cases, you don’t remember what it feels like, to passionately kiss each other, with a deep burning sensation to take it further, because your children are-at the centre of your lives receiving all the hugs and kisses.

So, Instead of improving our romance, we kill it by shifting all of our attention, energy, time and resources into our children’s lives. Nothing is wrong with doing all these for your children but if it is at the detriment of the romance in your marriage, you need to slow down and fix things.

I know that the attention we get from our children is soothing but if care is not taken, it can gradually replace the need or desire to get any from our spouse. {Am I making any sense?}

I must confess, at some point, we are all guilty of this. The other day, I unconsciously, called our son “my love”, meanwhile, I could not recall the last time I called him that, asides the usual pet names we call ourselves. “shifted attention” you can call it.
Then again, sometimes I see how my husband looks at our daughter. The way his face lights up whenever he looks into her eyes–and somewhere, my brain is busy wondering why I seldom get such fascination. LOL!

Remember! Children can bring a couple so close to each other and on the flip side, be the reason they are so-far – apart from each other.

Children come and go {they grow up and have to leave at some point} but you and your spouse are stuck with each other for life. This reality alone should give you a sense of urgency, to be intentional about taking care of each other yourselves.

Question is… What have you stopped doing since you started having children? Why don’t you slowly get back at doing them?
We all know that in a relationship, little changes make the big difference.

What you don’t give life to, -eventually dies.
In other words, a marriage void of romance will bore you to death.
May we not be the reason behind our marriages not working out.
Receive grace to make your marriage work today.

Please share your experience’ with me, the secrets of a sustained and consistent romance in your marriage. I’m sure there’s a thing or two we can learn from you.

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I wish you the best in life and in love.
I remain your favorite girl RRY

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  • Comfyswizz

    You just said nothing but the truth.

    Mine is worst, to the extent I don’t have feelings for my husband again.😢😢
    All I am always thinking about is our daughter.

    I asked myself several times, “How did I get to this stage?”🙄🙄🙄

    May God help us all to reactivate all the feelings we had for our partners from the beginning. 🙏🙏

    • RRY

      Children can take a couple so far apart if care is not taken because these tiny humans come and invade your entire space, time and heart but there’s grace to to ensure we still remain connected because these children will leave us some day.
      I’ll send you a mail. Want to call you if that’s OK

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