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Kenzel! The beautiful soul.

My little Kenzel😍❤️❤️❤️

By the way, Kenzel means “The beautiful /gentle soul”… Befitting name itsnt it?

Her meager personality is starting to emerge clearly and nothing suits me more than watching to see how each layer unfolds so beautifully just like her name.
As little as she is, I see how she looks at me with so much admiration, copying the small things I do.

The other day, I stood in front of the mirror dancing and she was looking at me, in the process, she shakes her small self too.
When I laug, she laughs,
Whenever I clap and I say clap for Jesus, she does same.

As her mother, I know I’m responsible for how she sees the world through the eyes of a woman.

I take up the responsibility to teach her to be bold and not rude.
To be confident and not timid.

To be fierce, fearless and not foolish.
To really and absolutely love herself.

Be true to yourself
Speak your mind.
Never be bitter.
Hate gossip.

You are more than your body
Being a wife can be amazing.

I’ll teach her to Value herself so much that she’s clearly able to detect where she’s not valued and takes her leave.

I’ll show her that she’s truly the daughter of a king 👑 (Jesus)–therefore, she must never give her heart to peasants. I mean who gives the daughter of a king to peasants?
Not possible!!!

In all I do, I’ll make sure I make a princess out of her.
Whenever I’m tempted to chicken out, I’ll ensure I remain strong so she sees through me and knows who a strong woman is.

Your baby girl first point of reference is you… Her momma
Make sure you make a good impression.

Don’t mess it up.

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