Dear men…
I know being career possessed is in your DNA and oh boy, that’s sexy mehn. (for the ladies of course)

I understand that it’s in your biological composition to be work driven. Your work is like a seal to your manhood & we respect that.

Still, whilst so much time is spent on making that money, buying that house and getting that Benz,

I sincerely hope that you also give time to becoming a real man. That is, fast correcting the errors of your father’s and forefathers. (No time to waste sir)

I sincerely hope that you also pay attention to the vital areas that will affect your wife, your children and the lives of those the Lord will entrust into your care.

Do you realise at all that as a man, you have been given the mandate of fatherhood—the glue that sticks the bond of unity within your household.?

You aren’t just a husband because you’re married. It’s far from something as superficial as that. In the real sense, you are the HOUSE-BAND.
It means to bind it up in prayers…blast in tongues if possible(Lindosikabata–shetetete sente kete) You first

You first fight the enemy in the spiritual realm before engaging him in the physical.

You call everyone by name and marinate them within the safety of your prayers.
In some homes, the only time fathers call their children by name is to either taunt, flog or to terrorise you. These are not the kinds of men the world needs.

Get-up in the night while everyone is fast asleep and do the work of a priest. Secure the borders of your home through prayers.

It is within you to create the possibilities you want to see.
Never ever leave anything to chance!

It means, when the devil attempts to enter into your HOME, you stand at the door with strength and authority that comes with manhood (both physical and spiritual) and say to him “Hey Mischief-Maker,

...Stop Right There. It is too late.
I am the custodian of this very home, hence, you have no entrance here.
You aren’t permitted into my home–not when there’s a man like me standing at the gate.
I hope you became a sensitive father whose sensual organs are alive and active to detect when it’s the devil trying to tamper with your children, and attack him right there.

A godly father has been given the power of being the WATCH-MAN over his household.

For this reason, you observe with diligence to keep the enemy at bay. You watch against fear and terror.

You are to keep an eye in order to ensure, no evil befalls your home neither any plague come near their dwelling.

Consequently, you also watch yourself, to ensure you do not allow the devil use you in anyway less you become the plague terrorising the entire household.

I hope you also see that “You are the priest, the protector and the provider” of that home.
This means, leading in prayers and not waiting for your wife to do it or leave everything to her.(Manhood is responsibility sir. It’s not just having two dangling objects in between your legs)

You are also the provider sir, you provide the love and the environment suitable for your family to thrive.
Work with diligence to ensure they lack nothing. (both their material, emotional and spiritual needs)

The call to be a man; a real man is not to be lazy or sloppy. Get your hands dirty sir and set the example for generations to come.

Fatherhood is not a call to command people left-right-and centre or being the terrorist.

It is not being a thug or irresponsible.
Being a man/father is not just acting as the disciplinarian. (There is a place for that. In a proper house, there must be order). The

However, you must ensure everything is on a balanced scale.

In all your knowing, know this that— a real man is accountable and reliable.
Manhood is trust.

Interestingly, you have also been elected to raise your son to become a strong, resilient, fierce and a responsible man.

I mean you’re his first point of perception to how he sees the world through the lens of a man. (Don’t mess this opportunity).

Did you know??? 

Who you are today, started right from who your father was and the same way, who your son will become will kick off from who you were.

Consequently, you are your daughters first reference point of who a man is. Not just that, but also the qualities she should look out for in a man.

Dear men, I pray you now see how serious this is and take the necessary action. Above wanting fame, a mic, a stage and crowd.
I hope you concentrate on your first ministry which is your home.
If you don’t give love to your wife, if your children do not enjoy serenity, forget any other ministry.

Hello sir,
Manhood also means praying to God so you are able to love your wife and children correctly.
Not too strict so scare them away
Not so free less they misbehave, and not too serious that you loose their friendship.

May this article serve as a gentle reminder that you are to love your wife as christ loves the church. I hope you are doing this.
Nurture and love your woman the way she desires to be loved. (Not the way you think she should be loved). Cherish and respect her so your son grows up to know how to treat a woman.

All I’ve been trying to say is…
***** ****** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Fatherhood is availability. (A hands-on dad and husband. Don’t say I’m not anyone’s father yet. Get it straight away; if you’re a man, you’re already a father married or not, children or no children)

I pray you lead your children to christ. That you first lead while they follow.

I pray you read this and share till it reaches the men who need to hear this and take it serious.

I hope you realise that manhood is great responsibility, yet a noble call.
A man…, a real real man is a hard worker, he never gives up and never relents.

Fatherhood is dependence
It is strength
It is sacrifice.

May you be deliberate sir.
I hope you don’t fail us nor the one who gave you this sanction.

As a parent, you will not fail and if not you then who?

Let’s correct the past mistakes of our parents and grand parents and dare to do something different. See you all on the winning team!

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I remain your favorite girl RRY

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  • Anonymous

    Right on point! I couldn’t agree less. So many nuggets in here but this one got me; “Manhood is trust.” May God help all fathers out there and mothers too in raising young men who will understand and embrace this responsibility with joy. Good job girl!

    • Segun Alemede

      Thank you for the wake up call. The male figure is born,the man is developed. Thank you for the teaching.

  • Lilly

    Right on point! I couldn’t agree less. So many nuggets in here but this one got me; “Manhood is trust.” May God help all fathers out there and mothers too in raising young men who will understand and embrace this responsibility with joy. Good job girl!

  • Jemimah Donald-Ukeh

    This to me is a call to fatherhood. It’s so inspiring and educative at the same time. I like it when you say that who your son will become will kickoff from who you are. Your daughter will also be attracted to men like daddy. Wow!! This is a huge responsibility to men, and I pray that God will help them and help the women in their lives to encourage them to become the kind of men God will want them to be. Thanks alot dearest RRY

  • Mikky

    No better way to have said this.
    Thank you so much RRY for sharing.
    May we be the men and may we know them.

  • Manji

    Hearing this further strengthens my thoughts. You are right my dear with your submission. The life of a man is categorize by the strength of his giving…. giving to his family and the society in all ramifications. If that is missing in anyone’s life, the question of your legitimacy as man/father has been bridged and furthermore you are just existing without living (God’s calling to serve). Thanks for putting your thoughts in this turbulent time. Cheers matan mu

  • Zaagni Lar

    This is soo true Riiingy. This work is an inspiration of the Holyspirit. Great insight darling, super proud of who you are. Love you deeply dear.

  • Zyeng

    You have said it all, weldone. This part got me chuckling to myself “Get-up in the night while everyone is fast asleep and do the work of a priest. Secure the borders of your home through prayers”. Women do this alot and men hardly do it which is sad honestly. This is a wake up call indeed.

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