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Dear Ladies… MUST_READ!

Dear Ladies!!!
Drawing our eye brow and looking all tushed is good business but I sincerely hope that whilst so much time is spent on that, we are also checking other vital areas that will affect our children directly and the lives of those the Lord will entrust in our hands.

In my opinion, my children will be the most blessed and privileged set of human beings to have a mother like me. (oh yes) this is no bragging at all.

One day, they will stand to tell the whole world or at least to those who care to listen about how they couldn’t have imagined life with another woman.
(it’s called ‘Intentional Living’)

They will write our stories on a marble and etch it on an epitaph.
( I’ll make sure this happens if Jesus tarries)

Take note that👇👇👇××**’×


EVERYTHING You are Becoming TODAY is already Shaping WHO Your CHILDREN will Become TOMMORROW.

Who you are NOW, started right from who your parents were? and the tale continues oh.
Same will beome of your own children. That’s why we must take this thing very serious.

Always remember that you’re a home keeper, the sole manager of operations within that house.

This is serious oh—

Do you know what this means::::::::?

It means being at the forefront of your children’s reality through prayers.

It also entails sending prayers ahead of them to prepare a table for them in the midst of every enemy.

Being a house keeper also means presenting their bodies, souls and spirit into the hands of the Lord who is able to make all grace abound to them for every good work and present them righteous before His glorious presence.

It means creating an atmosphere in your home suitable for them to thrive, to be inspired, to be freely motivated and believe that any and every thing is possible through diligence.
To discover their purpose at an early age and fulfil it with ease and elegance.

It is your call to makesure your children are socially responsibile, bold, and confident but respectful. It is your duty to flog out every act of stupidity and foolishness that comes with their childish age. Flog and not kill 😄😄😄

Be a friend as at when due and discipline where necessary—everything requires balance you know!

Being a home keeper is far from just cleaning the house, preparing good meals and making sure the kitchen and everywhere sparkles…

A house keeper also ensures no witch, no charm, no divination, no enchantment, no Pronouncement is made against her children or household.

In order words, it is your responsibility to ensure through prayers (shatakayeeeee—zukashete kete, masente) that no evil befall them neither any harm come near their dwelling…. My spirit is already fired up I tell you🔥 🔥 🔥 (I need to pause here and release some words from my bowels into the lives of Kenzel Ariella and Kencik Arie Gang)

Sorry guys, I just had to obey my spirit….anytime there’s a steer whether big or small to pray, I just take advantage of it.

All that I’ve been trying to say is, in all your doing, make sure that you keep your home far above fear and failure. Above covens, above ancestral patterns and reality.
Keep it above cynicism.

As a parent, you will not fail.
You gat this and If not you_then who?

Let’s correct the errors of our parents and grand parents and dare to do something different💪💪💪

See you all on the winning side of parenting.

Dear fathers, in the spirit of balancing equations, expect yours soon! 😄

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I will come your way again and soon.
I wish you the best in life and in your endeavours.
I remain your favorite girl RRY

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