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I visited a family friend and like always, I was happy being in that house particularly because of Damion who was the closest person to me. “Nice D” was the name I Called him.

I always thought the woman who would end up with him was the luckiest.
Please ask me why…
I mean “Nice D” was so cute, handsome and fit.
Every figure on his body was rightly placed. He was such a great cook, so NICE and sensitive, good listener, creative, smart and was focused. Too good to be real huh? I thought so too.

Infact, my opinion of God concerning Damion was how unfair He was on others for creating a single guy with all those nice things.
God created him after he had rested you would think.
I was always tripping.

However. I was thrown into a frenzy when he came out of his room laughing a fool’s laugh the moment he sighted me.

Oh blimey! I’m I looking funny? I thought to myself.
He went straight to the kitchen ignoring my arms that stretched out for a generous hug which was our usual thing.

On his return, he hugged me so tight I thought I wouldn’t breath after. His little display inclined me of someone whose number six was a bit loosed and needed some tightening.

What the heck is doing this one?
Suddenly, I noticed some weird things, he was a bit slimmer from the last time I had seen him, his lips were dark in a scary way, he’s hands were dry and frosty and he had this pungent smell oozing from him profusely.

I knew from that moment that something was terribly wrong and for sure that wasn’t the usual “Nice D” I was use to.

Who did this to poor ‘D’ I asked myself?
What happened and at what point exactly?

Ohhh…the demons of igbo,(Yoruba people and Nigerians in general refer to weed as Igbo)

dry gin perhaps, crack-ganja, or weed must be responsible for this.


Do you have a sibling, cousin, aunt, or uncle peradventure you wish were doing better than their current state?
If you are, you’re not alone.

Are you hurt from seeing your siblings give in to drugs, drop out of school, give up their work and surrender to the demons of drugs, abandon their passion and God-given potentials just to chase after nothing?
I can relate with you absolutely.

Have you also noticed that the devil always picks the best people to mess them up? None of these people are bad in themselves.

For some of us, our siblings are in so much chaos right now, given to all kinds of drunkenness, (marijuana, ganja, dry gin, etc) confusion, backwardness, stagnation that infact, we need God Himself to help us believe in them again and see the possibility of their lives turning around for good.

But I am convinced that nothing hurts more than seeing someone you love and care about so genuinely make wrong choices time and time again.
Oh my goodness, it hurts in a way words have not been able to do justice.

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that you and these same persons came out of the same womb, went to the same school, sometimes with the same experience’ and yet end up with different result.
What happened really and at what point?

The best thing to happen to you is to see that you succeed while the next best thing is to see it happen to your best buddy.

You think I don’t know?
I know how tiring it gets to belive in them again or pray for them even when all you see is the situation getting worse.

But hey, I’m here this morning to encourage someone NOT to give up just yet.
Did you just ask why?
Because in life, there are people you should NEVER shut out of your life and guess who those people are: “Your Family”
Regardless of whatever reason you have to give.

God was the one who decided to give you your brother, sister and cousins. No one ever decided who they will be.

” You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” Desmond Tutu

You can choose your friends and a spouse but your Family, you never get to choose them.
If you choose to ignore your siblings, it is God you are ignoring.

See for yourself in 1John 2:11.
(The scripture is below for the sake of those lazy to check it out)
NIV:But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.

I know they may have made bad choices, and as a result picking up bad habits.
Ignore their mistakes but not them.

Pray for them and if you die doing so, so be it.
You can win your love ones on your knees do you know that?

Don’t give up, keep doing it no matter how long it takes.
Your family may not be perfect but God thought it was perfect for you that’s why he placed you there.

So then, stop fighting your family and start fighting with them…
A good way to start is through prayers.

Your brothers may not be doing well, but keep doing well to them.
They may not be perfect but love them perfectly.

Some of you reading this need to go back to your families.
Start by saying these:
You’re my brother
You’re my sister… & I love you.
You may not be perfect, but I love you perfectly and I will keep praying with you till we WIN.

The goal is not to shine ALONE but to shine Together.
This is my THEME and it can be yours too.

I‘m also saying a very big Weldone to all those who have been fighting and praying for their messed up families.
God is seeing all your efforts and there’s hope for a tree even if it be cut off.

We will have a better world if we all choose to walk in love.
1john 2:10
AMP:Whoever loves his brother [believer] abides (lives) in the Light, and in It or in him there is no occasion for stumbling or cause for error or sin.

Recieve grace to love all men including your family.
… Until I come your way again, I remain your humble girl RRY. Keep visiting the blog.

Hello, My name is Ringnan Rachel Yarling. (RRY) I am a blogger living in Lagos, (Nigeria) I love inspiring and helping people Live healthy lifestyle (in every aspect). I love educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams. Never miss out on new exciting free stuff. Phenomenal Woman-That's Me!


  • Gang Yakubu

    True talk. The greatest thing I learnt is that you might be the only voice keeping your family from ending their lives. We will all be great. With our families as well.

  • Hassan Zuwaira Ismaila

    Thank you for these words Ringnan, truly family is a bond that can’t be broken even if you try to…so why go through the stress? People are not bad in themselves hmmmmmmm. God bless you!

  • Jemimah Donald-Ukeh

    Mmmmmm….we are truly stronger together and we will shine together if only we can stand together. Thank you once more our dearest RRY

  • Dupe

    So true. I’m of the opinion that there are friends you shouldn’t give up on also. Not just family.
    I used to have a friend like that. It still hurts me gill date because my transformation is not satisfying ebough. I want her transformed too. So even though she seems to be getting worse, I haven’t given up on her.

    • admin

      Thank you for highlighting a point I left out.friends too matter.
      I personally have friends I deeply desire them to get better and I do pray for them.
      I believe in them.
      Thanks dear Dupe

  • Manbyen Christiana Lar

    A very big well done to you, more grace. Thank u for reminding us that we must continue to love and pray for our families no matter their weaknesses, thank u so much. May God bless and keep u and reveal more of these secret things to you. Our families should be our number one priority . God bless the gift of the family

    • admin

      Amen @Manbyen Lar.
      Thank you for always being a part of this blog. It shows you believe in what we’re dying and it gladens our heart.
      Many thanks and Amen to your prayers

  • Lami Garba Temine

    Nothing beats family! You walk with a spring to your step once you know your family has got your back! Nice work,RRY!!

    • admin

      Absolutely @ Lami Garba…
      Our families may not be the best but we’ve got just one.
      May God bless and keep our loved ones.
      Thanks for visiting Ma

  • Zaagni Lar

    …true Riiiingy. A reminder not to ever give up on our family and friends. We are all a potential anything, if not for God’s grace. Its never over until its actually over.

    • admin

      Kai so true MJ @Zaagni Lar.
      We are all “a potential something” if not for the mercies of God who would have helped our frailties and tendencies.
      May God help and heal our family and friends who are need His touch so desperately.
      I’m happy to see you on this side.
      Many thanks

      • Evelyn Akhanamhe

        I have a very close cousin who has lost his way to drugs and truly speaking, I’ve not bn there for him as a family. This is a call for me…tnx RRY

        • admin

          So happy to hear this is a wake up call for you to stand in prayers for your cousin.
          @Evelyn Akhanamhe.
          Keep visiting the blog ?

  • George Kiraga Mathole

    Hello ~ Jambo from Kenya,there all Nigerian Nigerian Brothers and Sisters,I have a good Childhood friend who I call my Brother he is fighting Thout Cancer I’m humbly asking for prayers from that end and may God bless you Thankyou in advance for your prayers

  • George Kiraga Mathole

    In a family we may be diffeent in so many aspects of life and each one is special in his or her qunic way designed by God himself,but we are all like a bunch of roses put together,we are ONE in the body of Christ please lets love and cherrish one another to fulfil the the word of God,lets us all pray,pray together and pray for each other,stay blessed Nigerian Brothers and Sisters,its so inspirering to read from you guys God bless you all

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    • admin

      Hello Amanda…
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      And also about you.

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