Help!!! I think I’m in Trouble!

I woke up this morning with so much on my mind and one amongst my many thoughts is “the NATURE of every human being is designed to be attracted to new things”
(I beg your pardon if I’m wrong)

Someone’s already asking me-RRY how do you know?
C’mon… I have personally dumped my ‘one time’ treasured dresses that I had so much love for, gadgets, shoes et cetera for the sake of new ones as though they never meant a thing to me at some point. Now they matter less or they don’t at all.

This dramatic disposition has always left me puzzled every single time. 
You see how fickle our commitment can be as humans?
(I’m even afraid of human beings) #smiles

People may be thoroughly committed to a particular type of ‘thing’ only to see a new, and perhaps more innovative one emerge and suddenly forget the previous ever existed.
(Is someone in harmony with what I’m saying?)

I personally cannot stop brooding over my disloyalty and how easy it is for me to get sick and loose interest over my ‘one time’ cherished possessions that meant everything to me at a certain point.

This bewildering fact makes me go like ‘What a traitor you are RiRY’
I mean doesn’t it bother you how you swiftly dump the gadgets that once upon a time was your obsession? How easy it is to get-rid of something you loved and cherished so much just at the sight of a new one.

I mean people craze over getting a particular brand of car, a house, electronics, perhaps a new business, a girlfriend, you name it. They finally do only to be disappointed at how tiring it gets to be stuck with having the same thing that meant everything to them at a certain point in their lives and soon falling for another ‘new brand which will never cease coming.’

Linking this to marriage, I’ve always wondered how our parents managed to stay with themselves for 20,30-40 years or more with one person without giving up or getting sick of each another.
It’s like ‘asking themselves to fall in love many times and always with the same person.’
How did they even manage to do that you may be asking…
(some of our parents deserve some accolades)

Their persistence, resilience and the staying-power they had is what our generation lacks today.
(This is topic for another day perhaps)

Well, to be sincere with you, not everyone is truly content with his or her life at the level it is.
It’s in line with the human nature. Often times, we are unsatisfied and seek more for what we don’t have and who we are.
We are easily attracted to what we do not have.

My conclusion therefore is, I know that there has to be some mystery beyond this realm, something supernatural has to happen to us and a readjustment from our human affinity towards new things that is able to keep a man content with what he has, his ‘spouse’ or anything else without having to change them like we cheaply do with our clothes, houses and gadgets et cetera.

So, I pray that this short blog reminds you to trust in your creator to quench your unsearchable needs and to put your absolute trust in Him and not in what you see.
It’s a work in progress right? Truly, that’s what I’m thriving for too.

Lord! Help us to be Content.
See what 1Timothy 6:6-7 has to say
“Godliness with contentment is great gain for we brought nothing into this world and we will take nothing out of it”

When I saw this verse… I’m like, Ahhh! So what’s the fuss all about really?

Contentment is a mystery no wonder ‘Apostle Paul told us about how he had to learn the mystery of being content’

If you read this blog post and you’re here, this prayer is for you.
Lord! Teach me to be content in you and to keep myself free from the love of money or anything else other than you and the Kingdom, and teach me to be content with the things I have because you have said in Philippians 13:5 that “NEVER WILL YOU LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US) ME.”

Many thanks again for being a part of this blog.
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I will come your way again and soon.
I wish you the best in life and in all your endeavours.
I remain your favorite girl RRY

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Hello, My name is Ringnan Rachel Yarling. (RRY) I am a blogger living in Lagos, (Nigeria) I love inspiring and helping people Live healthy lifestyle (in every aspect). I love educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams. Never miss out on new exciting free stuff. Phenomenal Woman-That's Me!


  • RRY

    What came to my mind upon reading this article is the serenity prayer written by “Reinhold Nieburh” an American evangelist in 1943 which says
    “Lord give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference”
    This is quite quite familiar to many but it’s very deep and powerful…
    It’s absolutely relieving when we know the truth about ourselves and is willing to accept it. When this is done, contentment is a count on it

  • Jacob (My alter Ego)

    Contentment comes from a place of deep trust in our creator to enjoy the little we have rather than complain about the much we do not. God promised to provide what we need and not what we want. there is a great difference Great reminder my heart.

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