Growing up, I secretly feared many things & I would never tell anyone but myself; I was a huge advocate of pessimism.
I remember how my sister ‘Sarah’ would always rebuke me for being a pessimist…

The apex of my fear was the fear of marriage and generally the family life. This is largely because of how terrible of an example I saw ‘some’ families were, and how marriage never looked like something one should ever dare. ( unless of course you are mad…?

I was scared of becoming a wife no wonder I admired ‘The SINGLE LIFE’ so much, the freedom of not answering to anyone or be responsible for anybody.
(I mean who wouldn’t want that??)

…Interestingly, as I began to grow in the Spirit, the more I realised I was in error the entire time and ignorantly sowing wrong seeds into my future in the areas I feared the most.
The seeds of fear, failure etc. Now remember what job said…”what I feared the most has come upon me.” 
The world has so many ‘negative‘ things to say about everything but choose to believe no report other than the report from the word of God.

Sometimes, when I look at the world, my head spins at the torrent of events and the popular axiom that says a man is only crazy about you until he marries you.

…Ooh am also glad that the ability to change things has been given to you and I; the power has been placed in our tongue to change reports. See (Prov 18:21)
I will quote it for the sake of those too lazy to check it for themselves… #insertsmiles)

AMP:Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].

Sweethearts, if you find yourself constantly getting scared of anything, be it sickness, how you will make it in life, marriage, your finances, your future…ect. I don’t care what it is, all I need you to do is to simply look it in the face and tell yourself, for this reason “I” (put your name) was made manifesf that I may change the reports of that thing.

“For this reason was ‘RRY‘ made manifest that she may destroy the walls of sickness, broken homes, poverty (I hate the state of perpetual lack) and messed up marriages”.

Say these to yourself constantly and please believe what you say because it is within you to change ANY REPORT .

Sweetie! Never use your mouth to manifest doom… Create the very things you want to see… Never say it until you want to change it of course…

I remain your favorite girl..RRY
See you another time.

Many thanks for being part of the blog.


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