I know a lady who married as a virgin, every thing on her body was sacred, untouched, undefiled and inexperienced. I mean no man had touched her lips, her breast had never been caressed by any fool. Yet she married and did not have a child till she past menopause.
I know of another lady who was not virgin in any sense. A person the world would call the baddest of bad girls. She was corrupt, every thing about her body had been ruined and battered. She had no sense of innocence. Yet this lady got married, and first year into her marriage, bam! She gives birth to a set of twins. ( injustice isn’t it)

If you’re like me, you would probably be saying, the second lady does not deserve any of these. I know but what about the mercies of God sweetie?
Remember! It is of the Mercies of the Lord that you and I haven’t been consumed!
(See Lamentations 3: 22&23)
You see why God ain’t you and I?

We are experts at judging people of what we are guilty of ourselves.
Just because you sin differently doesn’t make you a saint.
Let he who is without sin cast the first Stone ( See John 8:7)

Rule #1
Never Judge anyone
Rule #2
Do not judge anyone
Rule #3
Do #1&2 repeatedly.

#Back_to_our story:
I know of a man many years ago, who would get drunk before driving ( I’m talking about 3-5 hours journey) yet he would arrive without a scratch. I know of another man who had never tasted alcohol, he was a good driver, never speeding wrecklessly, he was a prudent man. Yet, he drove, had arrived his destination but just before getting home, he had an accident and died at the spot with three other passengers.
Truth is; we are what we are soley by the grace of God. Let no man boost of his own strength.

Quit thinking you are alive because you are too smart or you keep all the laws of living, come out of the deception that you will marry because you are pretty. Don’t even think you will prosper because you are a good person or that you speak good English.
Let he that boost make boost that he knows the Lord. Period!
Also, learn to look out for the best in people and celebrate it generous enough to cover for their wrongs.
I’ve realised by experience that the moment I walk into a place and I’m determined to see only the bad in people,  that’s all I end up seeing regardless of the good in there.

Listen Up! It is not my duty nor yours to judge anyone.
It is your duty to love all men.
Notwithstanding, shall we then continue to live wrecklessly, repeatedly sin and act foolishly that grace may abound?
God forbid it.

Hello, My name is Ringnan Rachel Yarling. (RRY) I am a blogger living in Lagos, (Nigeria) I love inspiring and helping people Live healthy lifestyle (in every aspect). I love educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams. Never miss out on new exciting free stuff. Phenomenal Woman-That's Me!

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  • DoraMi

    … Grace found me. Thank you Jesus. Unicluv merited favour unmerited blessing is what I am rocking in and out all day. Thanks Iyema

    Hummming Michael Smith Majesty…

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