I remember very well when i used to cry about the things I now have…

Soon after I graduated from high school, a lot of my mates got admitted into the university without any waste of time, some of them went abroad to further while RRY was at a standstill.

In the midst of all that, it took me two solid years to gain admission into the university and as though the delay wasn’t enough, I lost the admission and had to start all over. I felt purposeless. I felt trapped in my own life.

Many days, I find life difficult rather than easy, complex rather than simple,
Potentially dangerous rather than safe, and exhausting rather than exhilarating.
Back in those days, it was more like a strong, hot, dry wind than it is a soft, cool, refreshing breeze.

Fast forward to 2012, I got another admission into a private university.

Even if you tried to, you still would not be able to imagine how excited and eager i was to get there.

…I was so ready to move to Lokoja or so i thought. Well, I found myself in Salem, some semester into the session only to realise how much antipathy (intense dislike) I had for the school and it kept gaining significant weight.

My goodness! I hated that environment so much I would cry bouts every single day.
Funny enough, I couldn’t explain the reason behind my disposition towards the school but what I wasn’t confuse about was how disconnected and repugnant my spirit was to the school.

In fact it was so bad that (many people were of the opinion that somebody was behind my actions (that I was bewitched), perhaps they didn’t want my life to move on). If this was ever true, I am so glad for that person because I can’t imagine the mess my life would have been if I never stepped foot into zaria.

…Sadly,I was determined to end my misery and so on that fateful day, I called my mum to inform her that I couldn’t continue. Soon enough, I left that environment and found myself in the North…(I am so glad I did)

Why the story, perhaps you are wondering?

You see! From high school, I told myself that if only I am able to finish and go into the university, I would be the happiest girl on earth. When I didn’t get admission, I was so miserable and ashamed to hook up with friends, classmates and my teachers because they would always ask what school I was and as you would imagine, I wasn’t in any at the time.

When I entered the university, you would think my worries would end since that was my entire pursuit of happiness. In contrariety, they increased. I now had my grades to worry about and work so hard for. My worries then shifted from gaining admission into maintaining good grades. ( the worries in life never stops)

Sometimes we are so much in a rush to get to the next level of our lives that we don’t realise that the new season also comes with its own set of trials, tests, headaches, struggles and challenges.

…Still More To Come…

(the part two is beneath)

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