Having said all that, I know most people can relate with me.

You might be thinking to yourself, if I get a new boyfriend/ girlfriend, if only I get a new wife or husband, this pain would end, if I can only get married like my friend, I am certain that my trouble would vanish and things will change. (trust me, it never ends right there baby)

Young man, I am so sorry to disappoint you but you must be aware that getting the money or job is not the end of the matter. For instance: (if you eventually get a job, you will have to work hard to keep the job and get promoted.

You will have your boss and annoying colleagues to deal with etc.) what about that car you’ve always dreamt of so much it’s on display on your phone, laptop and your room.
I also know about the beautiful wife you are imagining in that beautiful head of yours. These in themselves won’t make you happy.

Remember in the “part one” of this article how I struggled to gain admission into the university thinking it would be the apex of fulfilment for me only to get my desires and be disappointed that there was more.
We try to fill the deep hole of our desires with so many things when the only person that can fill that hole is Jesus.

…From my little experience, I’ve realized that the moment you get to where you’ve always prayed and hoped for, you soon will be aware that there’s something else you want or would be required to do. Your desires keeps upgrading and never stops.

Listen to me; all am trying to say is, there’s more to life oh. Ha! Learn from those who have gone before you. They got to the peak of what they desired most only to realise that nothing ever truly satisfies.

I am telling you, no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, how glowing your skin is, it doesn’t even matter how many houses ,cars and connections you are able to acquire. Sadly, if your life is WITHOUT JESUS… it is a total waste of time and a life of ENDLESS PAIN AND STRUGGLE.( I am not trying to preach, I’m just saying the truth using my experience to introduce to you a bigger picture)

Listen Up!
#He Who Has The SON, Has Eternal Life. Meaning that he who does not have the son, does not have life. (See 1John 5:12)

Now let’s quickly examine the word ‘ETERNAL.’ it means
* Lasting forever
* Unending
* Existing outside time
* Not perishable, Permanent
* Timeless, Endless. Ageless etc.

See! ‘Without Jesus’, nothing will be ‘Made or Whole’ in your life. There would always be a constant seeking because nothing would ever truly satisfy you.

Sweethearts! Do you know Jesus Loves you so deeply, and he’s more obsessed with having a strong bond with you than satisfying your earthly fleshly desires?

…Don’t be like the old me who was seeking happiness and relevance in something as trivial as entering the university. Your true relevance is found in Jesus Christ.

If you haven’t given Jesus a chance, why don’t you try Him today? Trust me! Your whole life will NEVER be the same.

Join the trend NOW. Keep calm and work on your relationship with Jesus.
Until we jam next time, I remain your favorite girl RRY
Many thanks for being part of this blog.

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