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How did we get here…? (Bewildered)

From a spark of an idea to a heartbeat…

Great God… (You are too good)
I will get a baroque epitaph and etch forever this whole experience. I will tell it to everyone, or at least to those who care to listen.

As I look at the days drawing near, I’m like, RRY nobody prepares you for this- (parenthood) neither is there a manual for a life-of-standing-in-the gap for your children but I’m certain that with God, I (we) can do ALL things including becoming an award winning parent. (So help me ‘us’ God)

Still and all, I will miss my baby bump, especially the baby kicks that fill up my tummy with thousands of butterflies but I couldn’t be more happy than I am right now, knowing I will soon be waving goodbye to:

  1. Severe back aches, aching legs and feet that give way to nerves that jack like a trigger every single day.
  2. The horrifying mood swings etcetera…

You see these pictures…? They look so perfect but I tell you, this journey has been anything but perfect. However, in all things, let God be praised!

Are you kidding me???

This is all so new and raw…

I pray that I find my way…the way to good parenting.

I pray that the maiden in me never dies, never looses hope, never tires even as these new wings of mine take shape.

I pray that with this new-untravelled-road comes a fresh hope, fresh inspiration to be a better version of myself than I have ever been.

You guys be reminded also that—-I’m currently accepting prayers for a safe delivery.

PS: Parenthood is going to be hard but if you’re reading this, I want you to know you will be alright and you will be exceptionally good at it. How do you know RRY?

Because; the man and woman you are becoming is going to be strengthened and capable. However, do not try to do it without God because at best, you would exhaust yourself.

See proverbs 3:6

From the Good News Translation…

“Remember the LORD in everything you do, and he will show you the right way”

In any case, If you’re reading this,

Do you have tips on parenting, tips on how to take care of a new born, how to get my sleep and groove back? (Etcetera) Please help your girl…

Give me those tips on parenting but first give me tips on how to make labour easier and faster. ****insertSmile):

See you all and soon when the baby is here…. (Super-excited)

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Like I said, I will come your way again and soon.
I wish you the best in life and in all your endeavours.
I remain your favourite girl… #RRY

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