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There is nothing more beautiful than finding someone to share your happily ever after with.

The world system is designed in a way that  it comes with series of challenges hence the need to be with someone who makes you laugh.

The city of Jos, plateau state was on a standstill last week the 31st of March 2018 as Yakubu Gang walked down the aisle with his beautiful bride Ringnan Rachel Yarling.

We simply cannot get enough of these two. Their love story is not only breathtaking but it has inspired many.

Here are a few pictures from the “do” and a toast written by the friend of the  bride ANITA ANDREW: 

This is a toast I wanted to share at the wedding but it’s still ok; because it is just for you guys.

I have watched your love grow, I’ve seen it tested, I’ve seen when it weak, when it was hopeless and today, I’m privileged to be alive to see it win. I’m still going to be an ever learning student of it, and so far this is what it has taught me:

You see, I’ve seen you guys being kind to each other not just by wave of emotion, but doing it as a duty and responsibility even when you don’t feel like it; the way you bear each other in mind is astonishing, I see it every time ring packs her hair a particular way, ask her and she says is cuz Yakubu likes it that way, or you see her sewing the same style with different materials, reason? Yakubu loved it… She is not alone on this one, let Yakubu hear ring likes his shirt, for sure is buying many of the type of shirt…lol.  Never have I heard ring or yaks say I wish we had that in our relationship or I wish we did this like those couples do, but I believe they are the most humble couple I’ve seen always seeking to learn from others,  they celebrate other relationships so much than theirs.  I wish more people knew how lovely  and genuine this relationship is, but they rather have a real flourishing relationship than a fake Instagram showcased one. So cheers to the bride and groom, I have to convince them to release a relationship series because seriously, your love story is the realest, purest one I’ve seen which inspires me not to settle. I love you so very much. Happy married life.

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