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Dear daughter; I have told you to ask that boy what he wants from you bet you wee not listen.

♠Oya Tell me what the problem is

What is it and how is it doing you? I want to give it a diagnosis that’s why it’s important that you say it out.

The gods are very angry with you for not utilising the sense they gave you.

In case you are in confusion about what I mean, I have been observing all that you and him are doing yet the more I see, the less I understand. How dare you keep the gods in utter confusion? Are you not aware that if the foundations be destroyed? The righteous are doomed?

My question is; what exactly is going on between the two of you?

Are you guys in, outside or…..(Tell us oh so that we can stop helping you to assume)

In case you are also confuse, lemme help you out!

This is what you should say: Dear brother X, you text all the time,  you call all the time, you visit all the time. In fact I have exhausted my pocket money from cooking for you.

Bet emmm ayam not understanding; this is two years of the same circle/routine.
Please what exactly do you want from me?

What are your short and long term goals for us?

Am I  just your friend?

Your sister? Main bae or side runs?

Am I your cook?…

You need to know all these oh so you do not assume anything.Asking these questions is also helping your destiny move forward.

Bet you know, I am also confused why he only shows you how much he loves you in private, he says he’s too shy.
He says you are the one he loves but you are the ONLY person that  knows this.
What about sister faith and that other fair lady he’s been texting and visiting?
You need to know if this is his ministry or its something he enjoys.

All he’s doing is making you hate your fellow sister. He’s also making you become enemies with her.
My daughter! Didn’t I train you to move away from where you aren’t needed? Help yourself biko.

I hate seeing those tears that’s why I warned you beforehand.

Now you’re here crying; I feel like saying Ntoooor- but then I wasn’t raised that way.

Take some Holy water to cool ya chest.

However, we will consult isakaba to know if this matter is beyond the elders council and perhaps needs the holy water from synagogue.

If a man loves you.
1. He should be able to clearly say so without so much mystery wrapped around it.
2. Why make everything a secret when you aren’t children? Often than not, things done in secret have a negative intention attached to it.
…before you smile back at him and start texting back, ensure that what you guys are doing is clearly DEFINED.
Defining the sate of a thing will exclude it from assumptions.
You cannot be assuming he loves you or that he wants you.

Let Him Say It and it shouldn’t end there, he must show it and live up to it.

Love is a choice, make sure the person in your life is what you want and not what you are allowing.

While that is going on, Boost your confidence dear daughter, and show him you are not a little scared girl who is nothing without him. Respect yourself joh.

If he’s not sure after two years that you are the woman he’s looking for, he should take a bow and clear off the road. ( don’t be like the pharisee’my brother) if you don’t want to enter, don’t block the road from those who want to come in. Don’t be occupying space like mata.

DO NOT idolise any man. Never let anyone assume the control your life. Be the master of your life and decisions. Do not allow anyone fix you in a state of CONFUSION.
Be Dynamic and Case Your Dreams.

PLEASE if you are not sure whether you want to be in someone’s life, let them know. Do not lead them on and  be angry they are assuming you two have something special. It is demonic. If you are a sister or brother doing this. STOP IT NOW!

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