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It is often said “those who are in, are wishing to come out while those outside are rushing to go in” (if you know, you know) ”

I’ve always wondered why people get so excited the moment you tell them you are getting married. ( some of my friends thought I was a saddsit for not getting super excited but nope)

What even confuses me is a statement like “oh I’m so happy for you”… (really? Why though?
I think it’s more cliché because those who make these statements don’t even know why they do. (forgive me if I’m wrong)

I heard that “certain” Ladies go as far as rubbing their engaged status in the face of other older ladies… Sister! Are u serious?
May God forgive your ignorance.

Meanwhile, another report has reached us that some girls get envious of some ladies SIMPLY because they are engaged… Are you for real? You need to change your mind girl.

Marriage is GOOD but don’t rush, you will be married your entire life.

Yet, I don’t know exactly why people get so excited as though it was some sorta gold medal or I just got my name written into the”Guinness book.”

Don’t get me wrong people of God– because I can see someone frowning at me already.
I’m in no way saying “marriage” doesn’t deserve an accolade, what I’m saying is, young people often get it wrong and hype it more than what they think it is. ( some people belive it’s a do or Die)

More than being happy for me for being married;
I sincerely look forward to when people will REALLY BE HAPPY for me because ” I touched many lives…
Because I made an impact, because I let others draw from my energy, or that I became an inspiration to other women and the younger generation at large.

I got into a conversation with a “married” woman I met in markurdi and she said something that made me laugh so hard but also made me to think deeply about my decision as a single lady.

she said and I quote, “anytime I see a pre-wedding picture, I feel like screaming and telling them— STOP!

This lady hated everything about marriage simply because she was regreting hers.

… It is no lie that Some married people are wishing they could be singles again.
(I know people who would pay any amount to get back their single status) whilst some single folks CANNOT wait to be married.
You see this life? #Laughs

I’m not quite sure while some of us are rushing to get married but one thing I know is a killer in any relationship is lack of contentment.
Out of the MANY reasons that drive people into having thoughts of quiting marriage is the absence of contentment.

What then is contentment?
“Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind.”

Sweetie lemme inform you that being content is a heart thing therefore, you need to deal with your heart above everything else before thinking relationship or marriage.

I feel the need to say “Contentment is not dependent on the things that happened or did not happen to you.”

Did you know being in a sweet relationship is hard work? So much hard work only the strong make it work.

I’m sure marriage is harder work, a good happy (home) marriage is not a gift.
It is a reward.
This means, you must work at it to enjoy any good thing you desire to see or you’ve ever admired from others.

Trust me, the grass is never greener next door, it takes some watering, tending and trimming to make it so.
Any grass can be green regardless of it’s location.

For those of us singles or already married, I encourage you this morning to invest into your relationship so that this thing can work and I assure you, you will live heaven on earth.

It is not enough to wish and fantasise about having a good man or woman, there are certain principles you must be willing to engage to keep them happy and fulfilled.
May you find and apply them and may your home be heaven on earth.
…. RRY…

Hello, My name is Ringnan Rachel Yarling. (RRY) I am a blogger living in Lagos, (Nigeria) I love inspiring and helping people Live healthy lifestyle (in every aspect). I love educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams. Never miss out on new exciting free stuff. Phenomenal Woman-That's Me!


  • olasunkanmi oluwatobiloba

    Nice write up RRY, this what i do tell ladies that its not about getting married alone but getting married and be happy in it..its unfortunate that the society has make marriage looks like an achievement for ladies that without marriage you are nothing which ought not to be. The two couples should have it at the back of their minds that they both have work to do….in order for the marriage to be heaven on earth!!!

    • admin

      Absolutely so Toby.
      At the right time with the right person, it will happen but no one should think marriage is such a big achievement and make it look like if they aren’t married, their whole life is over

  • Manbyen Lar

    This is wonderful, and this is a blessing to me, ooh, thank you so much Ringnan, more grace to write that many may learn and not make terrible mistakes. Marriage is something one should not dare to rush into, it is a life time school. Your write-ups are encouraging.

    • admin

      Thank you darling Mabyennn…
      I’m so glad I can be of Lil help to you. All am saying is, people, especially girls should not make marriage look like it’s the ultimate achievement NOR a ‘do or Die’
      At the right time, with the right person, it will happen. Cheers

  • DoubleG

    Nice one RRy, I feel so uncomfortable when ppl ask me when am I getting married like its an achievement which if I don’t av not achieved forgetting that time is very essential in life, everything has its own time. Greater height dear I get inspired with ur write ups.

    • admin

      Don’t let anyone eat sour grapes and have your teeth on edge.
      Take your time and only marry when you are convicted it’s right.
      Thanks dear.

  • Jemimah Donald-Ukeh

    Boom! Another bull eye. Great peace again RRY. If you don’t focus on fulfilling purpose while single, marriage is not going to fill that void in your heart. Marriage is supposed to help you do more in your area of calling. Focus on doing the right thing and you’ll be contented with life.

  • Sanusi Deborah Seun

    God bless you RRR and may the love of God continue to grow in your new home, I admire you
    Thank you for sharing.

  • George Kiraga Mathole

    I’m from Kenya where I met Rachal shortly as she was on Holliday but the short time I saw and attended to her I found out she had a high sence of humor and a devoted Christian,may God bless you ,well marriage is a vital life transition and has to be given its rightful respect and place according to the Word of God,the biggest problem we have today is the way we chose our partiners,we look at their family background,position in carrier and society instead of kneeling down and pray to God to provide you with a good humble,loving and God fearing partiner in life,Ladies and Gentlemen living in this midden Society please DO NOT look at marriage as an achievements in life.Thank you Sister Rachael God bless you and keep inspiring the Christian Society.

  • admin

    Thank you so much Mr George. One of the nicest person’ I’ve seen in recent times.
    Very calm and humble and I got to know that you honour and reverence GOD which is so cool.
    Remain blessed.
    Thank you sir.I’m glad we met.
    Thank you for dropping by.

    God bless

  • Yusuf

    Hmmm marriage, where the best and worse of a person is revealed.
    Where you can either be made or broken.
    Where you are meant to loose yourself for the other.
    Such an adventure, looking forward to it & patiently waiting..
    Hello RRY, nice….

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