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…this s is a continuation of the article I published last week. Check out the part-one here on the blog.

So then I was talking about some certain things a man may be feeling inside that may never tell you.

We’re unto the sixth point so let’s go…

6. A man would never want to show a sign of weakness, and for some guys, that includes signs of jealousy.

Just because he doesn’t publicly show you that he’s uncomfortable with all those other men trying to hit on you doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother him. You might think he doesn’t care that you’re always with your guy-friends or that other men are getting you gifts and he can’t afford to, but in reality, he could just be keeping the peace or afraid to bring the subject up.
Some men feel if they show they are jealous, they will be revealing their insecurity to a woman. (What goes on in a man’s brain is difficult for me to understand as a typical woman that I am.)
Whereas, some men can be overly jealous and possessive, there are others who won’t express how they feel at all. Know who and how your man is and let it be a lone-case.

In other words, do not compare him with other men because the chances are, he’s jealous, even if it’s just a teeny-weeny bit!

7. Men love compliments too
I used to think women were the only ones with this deficiency.

We’re not the only ones who love being called gorgeous, fabulous and all that. A man also feels good when you throw a compliment at him whether it’s about how nice he looks or how good of a man he is.

Do not just compliment his shirt or suit or shoe; tell him “it looks good on him.” That way, he will feel on top if the world. Make sure that you remind your man that he’s attractive whenever you get the chance. And if need be, make him feel like he’s the only man in the world.

I’ve always found it intriguing how differently a man reacts to things. This means that He might brush off the compliment or seemingly ignore it, but trust me; he’s more than happy to hear it. Don’t ever use a man’s reactions to gage if he appreciates your compliments or not because he absolutely does but just does not have the same energy a woman has to show that she loves and appreciates compliments. The whole idea about doing this is that a man also needs his confidence boosted so don’t joke with that.

8. I gave my best
Sometimes it’s natural for a woman to think like,”wow it’s my birthday and all you are giving me is a book?

A toothbrush or whatever it is you’ve once received and were disappointed first hand instead of appreciating the gift and the effort it took to get you the present.
Ladies tell me if am wrong. Your man gives you a card or perhaps socks for Christmas, if your brain functions the same way with mine, you will assume that he didn’t even try to get you something special. I know.

However, most men just don’t know what will make you happy.

Honestly guys, you have to be patient with women because sometimes, she doesn’t even know exactly what it is that she wants but she expects you to figure it all out since you are a magician. Lol..

That’s why she’s a woman and you’re a man. We are weird sometimes.

Dear sister, lemme tell you something, did you know it might have taken him weeks to come up with the idea of getting just socks, so don’t assume that he doesn’t care about you or that you aren’t special. A man doesn’t have the brain of a woman and what that means is, he would not be so detailed like you would. He’s trying his best so please give him some credit and save the advice for next time.

9. I am afraid I don’t have anything figured out.
Men can be more immature than women, which means they often take longer to figure out what they want and where they want to go in life.

That’s why some men think a woman might be rushing things. That might not be the case, a woman just does a better job at planning and figuring out weigh ahead of time whereas, a man would take one step at a time.

It is interesting to know that as macho as men can be, they have the same worries as we do, and whilst they often won’t talk about it, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same!
It’s not unusual for a man in his 30s or evens his 40s to still not know where he’s headed even though he might be working and earning good money. As a woman, make hi m feel safe around you and assure him everything will be ok.

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