What a Man Wants But May NEVER Tell You… 

(An apology to Men if it turns out I’m wrong)

To all the men out there plus all you boos and baes, I’ve got something REALLY special for you today.

come closer and listen up, closerrr… Yes baby – that’s OK.

Ever felt so frustrated with your lady and even felt like flushing her right through the TOILET?
(I see you nodding your head) =):
I’m here to apologise on behalf of all the sense-full women out there. Forgive us for all the times we got it wrong.

My advise before we proceed.
Don’t try to understand a woman, just love her.

(I won’t say further since this article is about the men)

So therefore,
I’m here to address a little issue particularly to women because reports got to me last night about certain women whom have refused to understand some basic things so they can help the men in their lives.

Aunty fine girl, lemme tell you something:
A man can become positively addicted to a woman who understands him when she needs to and more than that, a woman who knows how to use certain phrases that will trigger his ego and attraction towards her even better than what a “fine-face” can get you.

It is an established fact that Unlike women, many men don’t know where to begin or end when it comes to expressing themselves using words.

Whilst some men out there are good at speaking about their emotions, still yet, there are some things men will never tell you.

If you don’t mind, Come with me as we explore on some of the things a man may never open his mouth to say but in his heart, he means it a thousand times more.

Saying ‘I miss you’ is one of the things men may never out rightly tell you; or if they do, they will say it rarely.

Whereas, a woman can effortlessly tell you how much she misses you probably 3-5 times a day. A Wo-Man for you.

Notwithstanding, If you’re lucky enough like me to have a man who is always texting you that he misses you – you’re very lucky indeed!

I don’t know, but am guessing that for some men, an admission that they miss you and want to see you are a sign of dependency and weakness, and if they want to maintain the upper hand in the relationship, they might want to keep their distance when it comes to displaying their emotions.
(I may be wrong and I beg your pardon)

Luckily, you can sometimes get your man to open up by being the one to initiate the ‘I miss you’ conversation – hopefully, he’ll take the hint if he’s a sensitive man! Some men even end up saying “I miss You More’… if you’re like me, you might be wondering, if you missed me that much, why the hell didn’t say until now?

You might find the second point very interesting but did you know that A man will never tell you he looks at other women?

2. He might never openly tell you he checks out the appearance of other women. You think he doesn’t? Of course he does. In fact, it might interest you to know that every single time he sees one, he gives a glance.

But I mean who doesn’t want to take a look at something attractive? I certainly do though.
Here’s the deal. If a pretty woman walks past a man, he’s going to look at her for sure. (Even with the born again brothers except the blind ones)

How do I know? Because I’ve hung out with male friends whom have proven to me that they are men indeed because they looked without fail at the sight of something irresistible.

Even though he’ll find her attractive, it doesn’t mean that he wants to leave you for her or he doesn’t appreciate his woman.
If he wanted someone else, then he wouldn’t agree to be with you, so don’t get too jealous Ladies.

Notwithstanding, I feel the need to quickly balance this, so even though it is normal for a man to look at another woman, there are some men who urgently need to be delivered from the spirit of LUST and CONFUSION.
Admiring a woman who is attractive is one thing. Lusting after a woman is another entirely. If you fall in the second category don’t think it’s normal. You need help dear brother and you need it quick before it destroys you.

3. I Love Skimpy Dressees OR at Least Dresses That Fit. 
A man might never tell his wife that he loves skimpy outfit but he does.
RRY how do you know for sure? Well, I have brothers who are married and sisters who are married and I’m also speaking from my little experience.

This doesn’t have anything to do with whether he loves you or not. Take it from me.
Some women be like, if he genuinely loves me, why does it matter what I wear? Are you kidding me? IF IT’S A MAN YOU ARE DEALING WITH, SISTER IT MATTERS…

It is true that if your man really loves you, he will think that you look gorgeous in any and everything, even a long bogus night dress, those thick full dresses or a turtleneck.

However, that doesn’t mean that he wants you covered up all the time or leaving your body anyhow( Married sisters! Take note biko)
I mean there was this time my sister in-law and I were taking a drive and we drove pass this woman who wore one annoying gigantic blouse (I couldn’t tell for sure if it was a blouse or a blanket) she had a wrapper carelessly tied round her waist and as if that wasn’t enough disaster for my eyes, she left her girls flapping everywhere on her chest and the thing that came to mind first was oh my goodness! Who is her husband and how does he even feel each time she dresses like that?
(Please women, don’t do that, it’s wrong)
Men love to look at women, so I assure you, your husband will be at his happiest when you’re showing some skin. Some women wrap up their bodies like a body ready to be embalmed. I don’t even understand this.
You don’t have to be half-naked, but he prefers when you flaunt that body. Is his body so nothing spoil and besides, your in your house away from public eyes.
Again I must balance this; this right here is strictly for married women. As a single girl, I don’t see why we should go and be flaunting our body for a man who isn’t ours.
(totally unacceptable) take note!

4. I’m Afraid of being Alone
I use to think that it was just women who got afraid of growing old alone. However, a recent revelation has changed this idea and I am saying with certainty that even men feel the same thing. It was only recently, when chatting with my uncle, that I realized men have the same fears. It totally makes a lot of sense.

After all, we’re all humans
I mean nobody likes the idea of being old and alone.
Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t.
Nobody likes the idea of being old and alone, so don’t think that just because men don’t always express how they are feeling, they don’t feel the same things we do!

Just because a man doesn’t always express how he feels, doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same things we do!
With so many of our friends in their early and late 20’s and getting married, it sometimes makes a woman feel she might be alone all her life but did you know a man also fears the same and it’s something at the back of my mind.
5. I want to feel like a man.
Some men are outspoken about respect whereas others may never tell you That he wants to feel like a man
There’s no harm in letting him feel masculine. This right here is so detrimental to any right thinking man.
A man doesn’t want to be respected. He needs it.
Receive grace to do and say things that will trigger his ego.

I hope this was a nice read. I would be glad if you could share with us from your bank of wisdom.

... Still more to come… Please Take Note! 
Make sure you keep tabs with us for the rest of this article.
In our nature of always balancing the equation, we will also be publishing the “Female Version” of this article.
Please don’t miss out on any new stuff.
Until I come your way next time, I remain your humble girl_RRY...
Many thanks for being part of this blog.

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