Lord how long before I get a job, how long before I gain admission to study the course of my dreams, how long before I get into another relationship?
Lord how long before I get married to my dream man and start having kinds like others? See my mates have settled and are working.

How long before this and that happenes?
The list goes on and on. If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are human and not alone.
I can totally relate with you.

We all have worries that seem to be gaining weight as we add our years but don’t worry baby. There is someone who is taking care of all the fears you’ve got. He wants to be sure the reason you are chasing after Him is not as a result of what you can get from Him. He wants to teach you contentment because if you can’t be content with Jesus,nothing else can.

…But come to think of it; what is a marriage that you think God cannot give you?
You think am not aware that it can be HARD to trust God in difficult times?
I know so well I can write an entire book about it.
But listen up, don’t focus on all the things you do not have or you think if you had, your life would have been better. Think of all that is working right for you NOW and be thankful for them. Sometimes, all we need to be grateful for is that “we have breath in our lungs”

…If you can’t be content with the exact place you are right now, nothing else can make you content.

…Remember! Being content is seriously a heart thing. It has nothing to do with what you have ,who you are or who is present in your life or not.


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