Two Simple Alternatives To Living a healthy_Life…

I truly take it personal walking into a fast food/ restaurant and I sight a ‘big’ person with a large plate full of food. (I shouldn’t right?) Forgive me if I’m wrong…

****Oooops! I can see someone already frowning at me,) I’m not a bad person sweetie, I just feel we all need to be responsible especially when it’s for the good of our well-being.

Seldom than not, it truly ‘annoys’ me anytime I see someone who is already on the big side pilling up doughnuts, pizza, fatty food, fries, cake, soda, cheese or whatever food that may not be the best or ‘healtheist’ option for them, yet, they LOVE it so much.

Others are even addicted to these things.
(Typical of being human huh? Always attracted to evil) Insert~Smiley.

I’ve always been conscious of what goes into my body because I believe our bodies are given to us by God to take very good care of and not destroy it with toxic stuff.

Please let me help you in the little way that I can…

When it comes to loosing weight,
Keeping fit and staying on track…the very simple day-day habits that we pick-up can either slow us down or draw us closer to achieving our goals.?

Overall, I’m a sucker for eating right, staying fit and living a healthy life because I don’t wanna become a burden to anyone at any point in time so as long as it depends on me, I will die trying. (You should too baby)

I’m aware nobody’s gon do it for me, so on a daily basis, I self-motivate myself from the inside because everything else starts from the mind.
In other words, If your mind won’t let you see a healthy and active version of youself, you simply cannot be fit and healthy.
But the moment your mind permits you to see yourself as fit, healthy and strong, eventually, you become it.

There are simple but effective things you can try inculcating to your every-day-life and trust me, they may look simple and pethaps, little but they would add up to the quality of your life.

Someone may be asking, RRY, what are these simple things I can do every day to ensure a more healthier life…?

If you let me, I would gladly run-you through the habits I do every day and if not, often than not, to enable me remain fit and strong.


Aways ensure that what’s on your plate is a great meal.

In my opinion, a great meal is one that is balanced. Meaning that you have the right portion of protein, veggies and carbs if necessary depending on what’s on your plate.
For instance, if I’m making rice, ( if you can afford it, go for basmati, ofada or any low carb rice especially if you know being overweight is always lurking round your corner)
Also, I ensure that the veggies are more than the rice I serve, instead of having two servings of rice, I would rather one and go for two protein or a larger piece of fish, boiled egg, turkey or whatever you like and as much as possible, I stay-away from red meat.


I know that on a scale of 1-10, over 7percent of people struggle to take more than one bottle of water per day.

Some people are addicted to other carbonated drinks and they end up replacing water with those drinks. Not so good for you baby…
Why dont you try challenging yourself to certain amount of bottles each day and put up reminders on your phone that would help you.
You can also try downloading a ‘ToDoList’ App to propel you one step closer to staying on track and ultimately achieving your goal.

For instance, my husband told himself he would be taking nothing less than 4bottles of water everyday. He’s been trying so hard to ensure he does so and like I said earlier, when it comes to a healthy lifetsyle, the habits pile up. They really do.

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I wish you the best in life and in sticking to a healthy diet, keeping fit and staying strong.

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Do keep tabs with us and never miss out on new exciting stuff, I appreciate that you come here, read and share with friends and family.
I remain your favourite girl #RRY.

Eventually, you’ll reflect what you eat…


Hello, My name is Ringnan Rachel Yarling. (RRY) I am a blogger living in Lagos, (Nigeria) I love inspiring and helping people Live healthy lifestyle (in every aspect). I love educating and inspiring other authors and entrepreneurs to succeed and live the life of their dreams. Never miss out on new exciting free stuff. Phenomenal Woman-That's Me!

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