Two Things To Note Before You Dive Into That Love

Last week, a blogger shared a repulsive vidoe on FB page of a boyfriend who was beating his girlfriend.

I was so furious I couldn’t watch to the end.

I was irritated by the fact that I know the (victim) girlfriend could have done better for herself.

The questions that were racing through my mind was:
Why is she with a scumbag?

What toasting techniques did he use from the beginning to make her agree to a relationship with him….?

“I hear you ask”… What has changed? I’m here wondering the same thing sweetie.

What has happened to their “love…?”

At what point did it accelerate from sweet to bitter to warrant such humiliation, disregard, disrespect and dishonor?
To make it worse, he allowed his friends video the scene as they roll in the ailses.

Why is she still with him? (if you just asked this, we’re in this together)
I considered the fact that this was probably not the first time he was beating her and I got exasperated even the more.

Ladies and gentlemen???

Let’s examine this::::

Why do we ignore the facts, ignore all the warning signals then go ahead and accept a marriage proposal?

Well, there are two significant things to do before falling head over hills.

  1. Ask intelligent questions
    Ask the person you are intending to settle with hard real life questions and watch their reactions to your questions.
    Their body language often reveals more than words can ever do.
    Do not leap blindly…

    If you’re reading this post and you know you are in a relationship that is giving you a hard time, or there’s a problem that must be solved before the big day (wedding)

    Stop right there and so the needful…
    I am using the last penny in my account to plead that you attend to it before it’s late.

    If you Hve money problems do not ignore it.

    If he’s beating you, don’t go ahead with plans to marry him with the hope he will change.

    If you guys have trust issues, fix it NOW.
    Don’t be silent bout anything.
    talk about EVERYTHING.

    IF ANYTHING, THE PERSON YOU ARE dating NOW, will become an advanced amplified version of himself.

    For instance, if he’s insulting you now, he might start beating you later, if he’s drinking now, it might become worse, if he disrespects you and your family now, he might even chase them out of your house one day.

    So then, my whole point is… Stay safe darlings and remember…


    Many thanks again for being a part of this blog.
    Remember! You can drop in your questions or suggestions in the comment section below this post.

    I will come your way again and soon.
    I wish you the best in life and in love.
    I remain your favorite girl RRY

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