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WHEN ENVY TAKES OVER! Simple Ways To Destroy Being Jealous!

Raise Your Hands if you’ve EVER been envious of Someone’s Life, Property, Connections, maybe their Job or generally all that they represent… Let me see your hands up if you’ve being in that position before?

Hey! Don’t feel bad just yet! You’re re simply being human and I have been in that circle too.
So don’t think you’re alone.

Envy is what I sequel to getting hungry. In other words, being caught up in envy is a count-on-it-experience.

RiRY why do you say so?
Because: as humans, It is always in our nature to constantly want and desire what we do not have.
Do I have me a partner?

Sometimes, we are in a hurry to check out a particular phase or chapter in our lives so we can usher in another.
That’s why some single-folks are wishing they could get married. Whereas, some married people would pay any amount to become single again.

You know why?

Because, there is an unsearchable desire in a man that only God has the ability to truly satisfy. (the word man used in this context is generic) Take note!

If you don’t check it, envy will subtly creep-in and set your soul ablaze. It’s hunger that would rather feed on its own heart while it sets hot-coals on the success of others.

As a means of destroying every form of envy from my proximity, I place myself on a check-up-scale to constantly examine every fibre in me to ensure I’ve not been entangled in a circle of envy or jealousy towards anyone or anything.

The moment I’m bringing that regular session to a conclusion, any trace of ENVY is sure to be dealt with accordingly with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT of course.

On my own, I’m able to do nothing except to mess things up. *Insert Smiley*
It’s a wise thing to do isn’t it?
Would you try it?

The book of Romans nicely puts it:¬†“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

Romans 8:26(b)

Permit me to use “You” as a pronoun to establish this little example on envy to help us contextualise what I’m trying to say:
Ok then! Picture this with me:

You and Lisa were signed up in a competition to determine the “Most creative Writer” in your organisation.
Votes were casted, decisions were made and conclusions were drawn.

The results however, came to you as a shock because Lisa was considered to be the most creative writer over you.

If you are like me, your head is probably spinning at the torrent of events wondering to yourself ; how can this be true? I thought I was better than Lisa…Why should anyone fail to comprehend this fact?

While Lisa was rewarded with a brand new car, all you got was a “handshake”

Lisa being your friend expects you to be excited and celebrate with her

like every good friend would. Meanwhile, you are so consumed with disappointment, envy, and perhaps rage thinking about why she was chosen over you.

I can almost bet with my life’s-savings that you are there probably thinking all the why’s in the world:

* Why should Lisa be considered more creative and not me?
* Why is she over there laughing? Could Lisa be mocking me?
* Why are all these good things happening to her and not me?
I want her life. I want it all.

Hey! Not so fast baby.
Slow down and quiet the noise.

You would have noticed that unlike Lisa, you are a bit timid and less confident. Perhaps a little bit insecure.

This is because jealousy and envy are not common feelings for secure people.
Confident people know their worth, and they don’t feel the need to compare themselves to others.

Joy is a state of mind

My question is: for how long will you nurture the torture of comparing yourself to that of your friends, colleagues, relatives, etcetera?
I think it’s time you wave envy a generous goodbye and end it for good.

Be secured;
* In your ability, your strength, what you can do and be sincere to yourself on the ones you aren’t good at.
* Be confident.
* Be contended.
* Be your own boss.

Reject the fear of someone else doing better than you.

DISCOVER that which only you can do it better than anyone else in the entire universe and get on with it.

Someone is wondering to himself; how can I be the ONLY ONE good at a particular thing with all the people there are in the entire universe?

Well, there are many designers but not every one of them is permitted to design for queen Elizabeth)

My question to you is: what are your gifts and abilities?
Why are you here on earth?
Have you discovered why?

Without being overally verbose, I’ll say this of a fact that “one surest way of keeping envy at bay is by publicly and unashamedly celebrating those who have gone ahead of you.”

(whether you like it or not, there will always be people who would have gone ahead of you and achieved something beyond your current level with such a significant gap but it doesn’t mean you too cannot be ahead some day.)


Be happy and rejoice with them knowing that one day and very soon, people will celebrate with you too.

(what is good for the goose, is good for the gander)

You may not be a star to the entire world but you can be in your own space.

Stay in your lane and shine like the brilliance that exudes from precious stones.
I believe in you and I can’t wait to celebrate your success.
Don’t give up on yourself!

I will come your way again and soon.
I wish you the best in life and in your endeavours.
I remain your favorite girl RRY

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