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When_it_Comes_to. Marriage_You_DON’T_MANAGE!

I may not boost of knowing a thing about how relationship works neither what it takes to enjoy marriage but there are a few things I know if neglected, will make you live in hell regardless of how good your spouse may be.

Worse of all is how frustrated you will become in a marriage.

First of all… I think that people need to enter into marriage with their eyes open. I mean, if there’s something that makes a person uncomfortable, then he or she needs to understand that and address it before the vows are spoken, and not plan on changing that person once the wedding is over.
Am I making any sense”?

… Eg: I don’t think it’s unrealistic expectations if as a guy or lady you are ONLY attracted to a certain type of people. For instance, you like a lady who is always collected and beautiful, smells nicely all the time or one who is inclined to living a healthy life.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for that kinda woman to cross your path.
And hey! You don’t have to be sorry for wanting that for yoursel neither explain to the world why.

If you want a man who puts God as priority even before his own life and respect the place of mentorship, do not stick with one who trivialises the place of intimacy with God and controls his own life and decision.

Do not ever MANAGE anybody. Don’t be with people either because you think your
biological clock is ticking. Bullshit!!
Who cares if your end up marrying at 30, 35 or even 40? Don’t let the world tell you what to do baby.

When it comes to these kinda matters, you MUST do it the “YOU WAY”
Also: do not stick with a person because you are afraid of hurting them or the fobia of starting something new with another person.
It is better to be single than manage anything.
You know why? Because once your dysfunctional, you are dragging your innocent spouse into an emotional constipation they have no business dealing with.

I’m sorry but I refuse buying into the ideas of people who think I’m non-viable if I’m attracted to a guy a certain way, I’m not being unrealistic… That’s what I want and I will insist till I get it so long as it doesn’t dishonor God. (please forgive me if I’m wrong)

However, I feel the need to also say that some things certain people want or expect from human beings are not real. However, there are certain things that I consider as:
*Good to have in a man or woman
*There are must haves and there are
*things you can live without.
… Your job is to find out what are the “Must Haves” for you and be willing to wait no matter how long until it comes.

If you want a man that is tall and handsome, all trim and nice, go for it, don’t let people tell you it’s unrealistic expectations.
… If you don’t like fat girls, don’t deceive yourself that you can manage a fat lady as long as she’s a virtuous woman.
You know why? You will wake up every single morning to that fat woman lying next to you and instead of loving her, you will feel like killing yourself.

Our theme at this point is: DO NOT Manage.!
Lastly, whoever you choose is the same as the experiences you are choosing for your life.
You might want to choose with your eyes wide open…
Ps: I would love for you to drop your own convictions about this topic in the comment box blow this post. I would love to learn from you also and who knows how many people might get blessed reading your own throughts.

My prayer for you is in Psalm 20:4
NIV:May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Until I come your way next time, stay_Safe and keep visiting RRY`Blog…?

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